Learning Resources at MIM Indore Campus

Personal and Professional Skills Program (PPSP)

Personal and Professional Skills Program (PPSP) is designed to develop soft skills in management students. They will learn, through this program, skills like how to work in teams, how to lead and how to react in unfamiliar settings, apart from learning effective communication, time management etc. The program essentially aims at developing the skills, which will make them an effective individual as well as a professional.

Mentor Program

We believe that the student faculty interaction outside the classroom is very essential for the overall development of the students academically and also attitudinally. The students have basically three kinds of needs viz, academic, emotional and career needs. It is in the context of these needs that the role of faculty, as a mentor, counts. Every students of the Full Time program is assigned a faculty member as Mentor who helps and guides him/her during his/her study.


In addition to the classroom teaching, MIM facilitates closer interaction among faculty and students. Extra time slots (called tutorials) are provided to make it possible. Students are required to compulsorily attend activities planned for these sessions. These sessions intend to reinforce what is taught in the class room sessions and also provide opportunity for better interaction among students since these activities are planned essentially in smaller groups.

Live Projects

Students are given opportunities to work in live projects to give them on the ground exposure of market research, product promotion activities, new launches and strategic planning.

Alumni Meets

The Institute has an active Alumni Department. The aim of this Department is to promote the ex-students networking, guiding the present students and provide feedback and support to the institute for desired improvement in the curriculum.

Staying Close to Practice

MIM programs are inspired by aligning academic theory with it practice. The real life relevance of the program is achieved through, the experienced faculty, who stay in constant touch with it practice by extensive field-based research and consulting activities.

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