MCDP in India

Transcendental Meditation is widely practiced by the industrial and governmental leaders of India. Recently Maharishi Corporate Development Program has been introduced to the multinational giants of India, Tata Tea Ltd. and Tata Chemicals. 20,000 managers and employees of Tata Tea and 6,000 of Tata Chemicals have taken part in the program. Other renowned companies enjoying the benefits of this unique program include: Associated Cement, Indian Aluminum, Reckitt & Colman, Oriental Bank of Commerce, SRF, Eveready, Tata Unisys, BHEL, Jindal Polyester, Indian Petro Chemicals Ltd., Anand Group, DCM Shriram, Finolex, Hewlett Packard India, DCM Financial Services, Indian Sugar and General Engineering Corporation, SWIL, Williamson Magor and Co., and Kribhco.

South India Research Institute Ltd. (SIRIS) comprises 16 industries manufacturing basic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and edible oils. A total of 3,000 employees are working in the SIRIS group of industries. A large majority of employees practice Transcendental Meditation.

After implementation of the Maharishi Corporate Development Program, G.S. Raju, chairman of the corporation, noted: 'Transcendental Meditation is practiced during working hours twenty minutes twice a day. Apart from improving performance, this has helped the progress of the company. Workers now work only 7 hours but produce 10 hours worth of output. Before learning Transcendental Meditation in 8 hours of work the productivity was equivalent to only 6 hours -- an increase of productivity by 57%. In addition, there was a marked reduction in stress, reduced absenteeism, and the workers reported less fatigue, worries, and anxiety. We have found a more relaxed, peaceful and comfortable atmosphere and working climate in our companies.'

Successful Founders of Family Industries

There is a need for the preservation and constant revitalization of the original creativity of the successful founders of family industries.

The history of the decline of the original brilliance of family industries is due to lack of proper management training, which focusing basically on economics, shadows the managing intelligence of Nature -- the Creative Intelligence in any individual -- and hampers the free and full expression of the evolutionary quality of consciousness. Not enough emphasis on the element of consciousness, the managing intelligence of each individual, result in the decline of health and creativity: a flower without water naturally fades.